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Full Groom


Pads / Nails Trimmed

Hygiene Area

Bath & Blow-dry


Full Body Coat Cut & Style


Small Breeds Example: Shih-Tzu, Lhasa Apso,  Yorkshire Terrier, Pekinese.

From £30

Medium Breeds Example: Springer Spaniel, Cockapoo, Toy Poodles, Fox Terrier, Cavapoo.

From: £35

Large Breeds Example: German Shepherd, Labradoodle, Husky, Setter, Border Collie.

From £45

Giant Breeds Example: Samoyed, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog, Bernese.

From £50

Puppy Grooms From: £20​


Shampoo using gentle puppy shampoo

Gentle fluff dry

Gentle body brushing

Nails trimmed if needed

Puppy fresh fragrance

I advise that puppies have had their necessary vaccinations before introducing them to the grooming salon.

I also offer just a Wash & Go Service which Includes:

Bath & Blow-dry

Pads / Nails Clipped


Nails: £5

What my customers are saying

Thank you Kelly, for making Teddy look so pretty again, we appreciate your care, he looks beautiful -Sarah

I'm really pleased with how he looks, you did a great job.-Harry

Thank you Kelly, you have done a great job, see you again - Sandra

It was Chelsea's first time at Fine K-9 and she arrived home super happy, she needs a full clip which I appreciate is unconventional for a Golden Retriever but Kelly did a fab job and we'll definitely be coming back-Kelly D

You did such a good job, couldn't believe he was the same dog - Jackie

Thank you for all your hard work Kelly. Really pleased, as always - Kate

She looked so beautiful. Thank you!!! - Chantal